el corazón

In 2006, Spencer Sievers started his wine career

buying 1,200lbs of grapes and fermenting them in his apartment in Northwest Portland. With some experimentation and a passion for making terroir driven, fruit forward, vineyard and varietal specific wines, the El Corazon style was born. The next year, he moved back to Walla Walla. On his way to Kansas after El Corazon’s first crush, it hit Spencer (randomly, driving through a tunnel) to follow his heart. He picked up the phone and said to Raul, “El Corazon!” Raul said “Jefe, it’s 2AM, call me tomorrow,” and hung up. The next day, it all began.

Spencer Sievers


Spencer’s interest in winemaking started in 2006, in an apartment in Northwest Portland. After meeting Raul the same year, the two decided to combine their love for Walla Walla Valley and fruit forward wines to start El Corazon Winery. When Spencer isn’t making wine and entertaining tasting room guests, he is spending time with his son, Tiger. Little known facts: Spencer once drove 50,000 miles on only vegetable oil and never reads fiction.

Raul Morfin


Raul, also known as ‘The Sexican,’ is the hardest working man in the game. He is a native of Michocan, Mexico, and developed his love for wine in the Walla Walla valley in the late 90’s. Spending many years working with various wineries, Raul has developed a refined and delicate palette especially specific to Walla Walla wines. He enjoys fishing and spending time with his kids, Brian and Brianna.

Tiger Sievers

team mascot

Behind every great winery is some solid inspiration. Tiger is 110% inspiration for Spencer and El Corazon. He’s the official team mascot and official poison grape taster. When he isn’t running around the winery or reading incessantly, he attends 4th grade.

Terroir Driven. Fruit Forward. Single Vineyard. Single Varietal.

2011 red wine 125x300

Duct Tape- Wingman (GSM)

Good luck.

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2010 Pistolero 125x300

Pistolero Blend

All six Bordeaux varietals. 2012 available in early ’14. Mostly Seven Hills

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2010 Syrah-Malbec 125x300

Run with the Hunted Red Blend

Like a fox, I…

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2011 first base CabFranc 125x300

First Base Cabernet Franc

Seven Hills Vineyard, Walla Walla AVA

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2011 first crush CabFranc 125x300

First Crush Cabernet Franc


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2010 Petit Verdot 125x300 (1)

Blue Print Petit Verdot

Seven Hills

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2010 Swordfight 125x300


A collaborative Rhone Style wine from Rotie and El Corazon. Two winemakers crossing streams.

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2010 supernova Malbec 125x300

Supernova Malbec

Super no ya di’int. Phinny Hill

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2011 v-neck Viognier 125x300

V-Neck Sweater Viognier

Partial malolactic fermentation, 1/3 new oak Southwind

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2012 v-neck Viognier 125x300

V-Neck Viognier

Unoaked 100% Southwind

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2011 tigers blood Carmenere 125x300

Tiger’s Blood Carmenere

100% – Seven Hills

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